Directions to Washington State


The state is located in the extreme Northwest corner of the contiguous United States. It is bordered by Oregon to the South, Idaho to the East and the Canadian Province of British Columbia to the North. The Western side of the state is bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

DRIVING: All areas of the state can be reached by major Interstates or good state roads. Running North-South through the Western part of the state is Interstate Five which comes from Oregon and continues up to British Columbia where it becomes Canadian Highway 99. Another North-South Route is Interstate 82 from Hermiston Oregon, up through the tri-cities of Pasco, Richland and Kennewick. It continues North through Yakima eventually becoming highway 97 and crossing Wenatchee, Chelan and the Okanogan Valley before reaching Canada. Interstate Ninety runs East-West in the almost center of the state coming from Idaho, through Spokane in Eastern Washington and terminating in Seattle to the West. Other East-West highways are Highway 12 in the Southern part of the state and Highway 2 in the northern part.

FLYING: There are major international airports in Seattle Tacoma area (Western Washington) and Spokane in Eastern Washington. Access to the state is also easy from Portland International in Portland Oregon, just across the river from Vancouver Washington (not Vancouver BC) in the Southern part of the state and from Vancouver BC just across the border from Blaine and Bellingham Washington in the Northern region of the state. There are also jet serviced airports in Wenatchee, Yakima and the Tri-Cities.

RAIL: Amtrak provides passenger rail service North-South through Seattle Tacoma and East West through Spokane to Seattle.

Directions to Seattle

Seattle is not the capital of the state, but it is the largest city and center to a great deal of commerce, social events and activities. It sits on the East side of Puget sound and (to confuse things further) on West of Lake Washington which reaches North-South some 40 miles.

From Portland Oregon:
- Take Interstate 5 North
- And you will drive directly through the heart of the city
- But be careful, there are neighborhoods both North and South of the city, that will require specific instructions to find.
- The city of Tacoma is about 30 miles South of seattle
- The city of Everett is about 30 miles north.
- And Bellevue, is about 10 miles east.

From Vancouver British Columbia:
- Take Interstate 5 South (about 140 miles)
- That too will take you directly through the heart of the city.
- Look for specific instructions to your neighborhood destination.

From Spokane, Washington:
- Take Interstate 90 West
- You will arrive at the center of the City
- From there you will need directions to your neighborhood destination.

From West of Seattle:
- From the west side of Puget Sound
- You can take a Ferry directly into the city
- Or a ferry to other destinations North or South of town
- Then follow an Interstate into the city.

Directions to this property


---Coming From I-5 North---
Head north on I-5 N
Take exit 164A for James St/Dearborn St toward Madison St
Continue toward 7th Ave
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Madison St and merge onto 7th Ave
Turn right at Madison St
Turn left at Boren Ave
Turn right at Union St
Turn left at Bellevue Ave
Turn left at E Olive Pl

***Note: If using Mapquest/Google Maps, be aware that the exit 166 for Olive Way is Closed until May 2010***

---From I-5 South---
Head south on I-5 S
Take exit 166 toward Stewart St/Denny Way
Merge onto Eastlake Ave E
Turn right at Stewart St
Turn left at Denny Way
Turn right at Bellevue Ave
Turn right at E Olive Pl